Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well Test Interpretation

Fundamentals of Transient Well Test Behavior
Diffusivity equation
Sidebar: Modeling radial flow to a well
Wellbore storage and skin effects
Type curves
Changing wellbore storage
Control of Downhole Environment
Downhole shut-in techniques
Downhole flow rate measurement
Wellsite Validation
Interpretation Review
Interpretation methodology
Data processing
Flow regime identification
Sidebar: Derivative computation
Derivative computation
Use of type curves
Use of numerical simulation
Three stages of modeling
Model identification
Parameter estimation
Results verification
Use of downhole flow rate measurements
Description of the problem
Model identification
Parameter estimation
Model and parameter verification
Gas well testing
Specialized Test Types
Layered reservoir testing
Selective inflow performance
Transient layered testing
Interpretation of layered reservoir testing
Horizontal wells
Multiple-well testing
Interference testing
Pulse testing
Vertical interference testing
Measurements while perforating
Impulse testing
Closed-chamber DST
Water injection wells
Pumping wells
Permanent monitoring
Pressure Transient and System Analysis
Appendix: Type Curve Library

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