Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well Test (Cont.)

Part III: Well Testing Services

Surface testing equipment
Standard set of equipment
Equipment layout
Classified zones
Zone 0
Zone 1
Zone 2
Clean zone
Safety standards for equipment layout
H2S service requirements and safety
Operation guidance
Equipment safety
Heat radiation
Electrical safety
Advanced Well Test Design
General standards
Well test design
Equipment safety barriers
Surface safety systems
Emergency shutdown system
Surface safety valve
Flowhead .
21⁄8-in. lightweight flowhead
21⁄4-in. flowhead
31⁄8- and 31⁄16-in. flowheads
61⁄8-in. flowhead
Data Header
Sand-Handling Equipment
Dual-pot sand filter
Sand separator
Cyclonic desander
Choke Manifold
Heat Exchanger
Heater types and applications
Hydrate prevention
Viscosity reduction
Emulsion breakdown
Steam-heat exchangers
Indirect-fired heater
Plate-steam exchanger
Test Separator
Separator vessel
Type N test separator (48 in. × 12.5 ft, 1440 psi)
Horizontal test separator (42 in. × 10 ft, 1440 psi)
Type G test separator (42 in. × 15 ft, 720 psi)
Vertical gas separator (2200 psi)
Oil and Gas Manifolds
Oil manifold
Gas manifold
Surge tank
Atmospheric gauge tank
Transfer Pump
Centrifugal transfer pump
Screw-type transfer pump
Gear-type transfer pump
Oil Burners and Booms
Benefits and features
EverGreen burner
Green Dragon high-efficiency burner
Mud burner
Burner boom
Standard burner boom
Heavy-duty burner boom

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